Slate Magazine says gun owners should be limited to having two guns a person. They call this a "simple, constitutional proposal that protects Americans’ lives and liberty." We're not entirely sure they've actually read the Constitution...

Via Slate:

The 27 words of the Second Amendment don’t say anything about how many guns someone can own in America.

Neither do the other 7,564 words in the Constitution.

What we need are tougher and smarter rules that keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, while still allowing law-abiding, rule-following people to arm themselves.

I’m not talking about why we don’t require reporting multiple sales of long guns to federal authorities.

I’m not talking about the bump stocks the shooter used to make his semi-automatic weapons fire like machine guns.

I’m talking about why people are allowed to own more than, say, two firearms without a really good reason.

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