One of Ceasefire Oregon's main priorities this year is passing SB 719, which provides for secret hearings for Extreme Risk Protection Orders - orders which, if granted, prohibit a person from possessing a firearm for a year.

This bill is such a priority that they used a "gut and stuff" to revive it after a "procedural error" killed the measure in April. And it's such a priority that, as usual, they're not telling the truth about what it does. From Ceasefire Oregon's website:


They claim that it would "temporarily remove firearms" from people if "clear and convincing" evidence is shown. Clear and convincing? The only thing that's required is a sworn affidavit from the petitioner that the person presents a risk of suicide or harming others in the near future.

The judge can consider if the person has ever had a DUI or has bought a gun in the last six months as factors - and they're not required to use the Oregon Evidence Code. (But if someone appeals an ERPO issued to them, THEY have to follow the Oregon Evidence Code.)

Since the (alleged) goal of this bill is to "temporarily intervene so people can get the care they need before they harm themselves or others," you'd think that evidence from a mental health professional would be helpful. Nope - it's not even allowed.

If the goal is to prevent suicide, it would be important to ensure that the person be offered assistance from a counselor or a social worker or a psychiatrist - but that is not even mentioned in the bill. The purpose is simply to deprive people of their rights and bring Oregon a step closer to being gun free.


They even claim that this bill is the result of "bipartisan collaboration with law enforcement to design the right approach for Oregon." But the only Republican supporting it is the bill's author, Senator Brian Boquist. 

There's nothing these people won't say or do to further their agenda. 

Even if you’ve done it before, please take a few minutes to contact your representatives again and reiterate your opposition to SB 719.