Sen. Julia Ratti’s SB 387, which would allow any law enforcement officer (whether you have ever met them or not) or immediate family member to request a secret court hearing to decide if you should have your firearms rights taken from you, passed the Senate yesterday on a 12-9 vote.

That means we ALMOST killed it in the Senate. But now it is heading to the Assembly.

And we need you to stop it!

The bill creates a system of secret gun confiscation hearings where you cannot defend yourself!

So it’s crucial that your Assemblymembers hear that you OPPOSE this bill.

In addition to relying on hearsay evidence in a secret hearing to determine whether one should be deprived of their fundamental rights, the bill does nothing to address any mental health issues a person may have.

If a person’s family members or a law enforcement officer think they pose a danger to themselves or others, shouldn’t they be offered help instead of just having a SWAT team kick in their door to take away their guns?

Senator Ratti doesn't think so. And now she is hoping she can get the Assembly to agree with her.

We need to act now in order to STOP this terrible bill from becoming law.

We don't have any time to waste.