You're not important, no one cares what you think, and by the way, you're NOT country.

Via Rolling Stone:

Immediately after the shooting, the country music community was overwhelmed with a prevailing sense of silence on the issue of guns, with nary a single recording artist willing to speak publicly about the topic.

Since then, Nashville has slowly, if hesitantly, begun to reflect upon its relationship with firearms. Rolling Stone spoke with a dozen artists and industry veterans about their evolving, often conflicted feelings about country music's economic and cultural relationship with the gun industry, a relationship informed and made complicated by country's formal ties to the gun lobby via NRA Country.

Although every artist interviewed for this piece stresses that they'd like to see changes in the nation's gun laws, they all expect any change in country's ties to gun culture to be gradual, slow and subtle. "I know the NRA works with artists, and I also know that many artists love to hunt and none of that is necessarily going to change after Las Vegas," says songwriter Lori McKenna, who's written hits for Little Big Town and Hunter Hayes. "We can't change the things that are threaded inside of us that quickly."

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