As you may know, elitist California politicians like Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, Senate President Kevin de León, and Assembly Member Kevin McCarty are all sponsoring measures that require some form of ammunition tracking and registration.

And once passed in California, they will be leading the charge to spread this latest infringement to neighboring states until it is the law of the nation.

But they are all hoping that the public ignores one little-known side effect of their efforts––the promotion of state-sponsored racial profiling.

Yes, the party that is supposedly about equality and inclusion is literally pushing racial profiling down our throats in their ammo registration measures.

In fact, Senate Pro Tem de León stated during a legislative committee that most of those who purchase large amounts of ammunition are “white males, over the age of 50,” and those who did not fit that description would warrant suspicion.

So, if you ever buy large quantities of ammo, and you are not over the age of 50 and white, you may find yourself on the wrong end of a police investigation if these bills and Newsom’s ammo ban initiative pass.

This has already come to fruition in Sacramento. The current legislation was based off of a city ordinance and, as you’ll see in our new video, the same racially charged outcome has occurred there.

And now it may spread across the entire Golden State, and then neighboring states, and then the ENTIRE country if these elitist politicians get their way.