The House voted overwhelmingly in favor of this bill and Gov. Abbott has already stated he would sign constitutional carry. However, the Senate passed a bill with amendments NOT included in the House bill. The session is coming to a close soon and we need constitutional carry passed ASAP. The conference committee has worked out bill the House and Senate should agree on. And the House has concurred on these amendments. Now the Senate must do the same!

FPC needs you to contact the state Senate. Tell them to work to PASS HB 1927 and send constitutional carry to Governor Abbott’s desk!

  1. Use FPC’s quick take-action tool below to email the Senate members of the conference committee!
    Thank the conferees for their hard work on HB 1927 and encourage them to pass the bill before session ends!

  2. Call Lt. Gov. Patrick's office at (512) 463-0001!
    Thank him for his work on HB 1927 and encourage him to push this bill across the finish line!

  3. Share this message with all of your pro-freedom friends and family!

FPC wants to thank Sons of Liberty Gun Works (SOLGW) for aiding this effort so far with their giveaway of a M4-76 rifle to one lucky Texan who takes action to push this bill over the finish line! Sons of Liberty Gun Works, based in San Antonio, knows that this fight MUST be won! And they've graciously stepped up and donated their top of the line rifle to encourage YOU to get involved in the fight. 

(To read the official rules of this giveaway, click here.)