The left prides itself on it's tolerance. 

Via Ozarks First: 

A controversial giveaway has sparked several death threats on social media against Missouri Republican U.S. Senate candidate Austin Petersen. During a podcast on Missourinet affiliate KZRG in Joplin, Petersen says the threats center around his giveaway of a device that can make untraceable guns. They were made in response to a Huffington Post article about the campaign tactic.U.S. Senate candidate Austin Petersen, R-Missouri

“There’s lots of ‘I hope you get shot in the face,’” Petersen says during a podcast at Bric’s Belgium Waffle and Pancake House in Ozark. “Yeah they hope that I get my head blown off, things like that.”

Petersen says every American has the right to manufacture at least one gun without serial numbers.

“Just because I’m giving away a little milling machine. What are people upset about? It’s a lathe and a drill,” he says. “Just because the call it the Ghost Gunner 2. Just because you can manufacture your own AR-15s without a serial number, which is perfectly legal. The problem is, is that people who want to regulate guns are usually the people who know the least about them.”

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