Sounds familiar: A Governor Brown is renewing calls for gun control. This time, however, it is in Oregon. Proving that what happens in California is sure to spread to other states.

Via Oregon Live:

New gun-control legislation, after falling short during the 2016 legislative session, is again emerging as a controversial topic as lawmakers gear up for 2017 session.

Gov. Kate Brown outlined three legislative priorities dealing with gun violence Friday, while at the same time taking immediate action through an executive order aimed at strengthening existing Oregon law.

“If we want to end violence, we must instill hope and create opportunity,” Brown said. “I call on each of us, as Oregonians and as Americans, to join this call to end gun violence now.”

Brown’s executive order, titled “Oregonians United to End Gun Violence,” gives Oregon State Police and local authorities additional tools to track and analyze gun transactions for use in gun-related prosecutions.

The order also establishes a new work group to review firearms-related domestic violence offenses. Brown said the group will be charged with making recommendations for a statewide policy that “enhances the safety of domestic violence survivors.”

Joining Brown in supporting the executive order were Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, D-Ore., Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill, faith leaders and more than 30 other community leaders from across the state.

The effort follows unsuccessful attempts during the last legislative session to pass new gun-related laws. Those included an attempt to revive a measure that would limit default gun sales when background checks take longer than expected, as well as one that would have banned the sale of a gun for 30 days if someone warns authorities the would-be buyer might be in a mental health crisis.

Brown said at the time she planned to consider executive actions that she could take without legislative approval.

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