Think it'll happen?

According to a recent editorial in The Register-Guard,

The criteria to qualify for a concealed handgun license vary widely from state to state. Oregon’s standards should be tougher, but they at least include restrictions barring applicants with felony convictions, dishonorable military discharges and diagnosed mental illnesses, and require completion of a handgun-safety course.

The state Senate is considering a bill, House Bill 3093, sponsored by Rep. Bill Post, R-Keizer, that would allow concealed handgun licensees from other states to also carry in Oregon….

A version approved earlier by the House narrowly focused on handgun competency requirements and would have required the state to honor licenses from states with standards less restrictive than Oregon’s. That flaw was remedied by Sen. Floyd Prozanski, the Eugene Democrat who sponsored the recently approved measure expanding background checks. Prozanski introduced a successful amendment that would require that the state only grant reciprocity to licensees from states with standards that at least equal to Oregon’s requirements.

With that essential change, lawmakers, including those who have long resisted reciprocity, should feel free to support HB 3093 with confidence that the state would open its doors to out-of-state license holders whose qualifications meet or exceed those of Oregon’s 180,000 licensees.

You can read the full story at The Register-Guard.