As America was confronting the reality of yet another ISIS-inspired terrorist attack, Oregon Governor Kate Brown launched her three-part attack on the Second Amendment. As the third prong of her attack, she seized the opportunity to peddle her anti-gun rhetoric in a letter to her state’s Congressional delegation.

Gubernatorial letters addressed to Congress, in most cases, are exercises in a governor listening to their own voice. Members of Congress are beholden to their constituents, not their home state governor’s fantastical wish list. Since the majority of members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate are pro-Second Amendment, her radical agenda is dead on arrival. She would find more success in getting what she wants by writing to the Tooth Fairy.

But that won’t stop her from trying.

Brown requested a renewal of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, which is offensive toward civil rights. It’s comical that Brown is naive enough to believe that it would even make it on a committee agenda in a Republican Congress, let alone that it would pass both houses of Congress and be signed into law.

She also parroted the anti-gun narrative of passing “no fly, no buy” legislation, which would use a secret government watchlist managed by unelected bureaucrats to decide whether or not someone can purchase a firearm. This very same bill was killed in the Congress a full week before Brown’s letter.

Next, Brown took the time to acknowledge Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden and Oregon Rep. Suzanne Bonamici for their feeble anti-gun efforts.

Wyden is one of 23 Democrat Senators to call for more taxpayer-funded anti-gun propaganda published by Center for Disease Control. Wyden’s effort is supported by just over half of the Senate minority.

Brown couldn’t even point to a singular anti-gun effort of Bonamici in Congress. Aside from anti-gun publicity stunts and voting the party line, Brown’s hand-chosen Congresswoman has only sponsored 51 bills in her time in Congress, none of them having anything to do with firearms.

With this letter, Brown can report back to her anti-gun handlers that she did her part to join the ranks of California Governor Jerry Brown and other gun-grabbing governors to urge the party out of power in Congress to attack civil rights.

Brown hopes to remain as governor in 2017 so she can continue to call on Congress to pass rights-crippling legislation that harms law-abiding Americans. Anti-gun astroturf organizations in the Pacific Northwest are hard at work to elect governors like Kate Brown so they can eventually erect a “West Coast Wall” of gun control, stretching from Mexico to Canada. Their ultimate goal: elect a Democratic Congress and President to help the wall spread from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic.