We should be used to hypocrisy from people like Oregon Gov. Kate Brown by now, but it never gets old. In her most recent rights grab, Brown directed the Department of Administrative Services to institute a policy forbidding state employees from carrying licensed firearms well, almost anywhere:

“all property and facilities owned, leased, rented or otherwise occupied by the Oregon state government including grounds, buildings, parking structures and lots, vehicles and other equipment and any site where an employee enters on behalf of the employee’s employment with Oregon state government except for an employee’s home (including employees who live in state housing)…”

The policy explicitly forbids employees who have a concealed carry permit from having their firearms while on the job unless it’s part of their “assigned duties in the course and scope of the employee’s employment.”Civilian volunteers, board and commission members, and temporary employees must also abide by the rule.

In addition to firearms, a laundry list of weapons are included in the ban. But thankfully, employees can still defend themselves with serving utensils – if they happen to be attacked while they’re on a meal break. As our friends at Oregon Firearms Foundation point out:

“The policy also forbids ‘knobkerries’ and states that biological and chemical weapons are not considered “sporting equipment” under this rule. (We are not aware of a rash of knobkerrie attacks by state workers.)”

We’re sure state employees are breathing a sigh of relief that they are supposedly safe from knobkerries. (“Supposedly” because we know how effective “no weapons” rules are.)

Some Republican leaders are speaking out about the change. Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli said:

“The governor’s administration has no business confiscating self-defense rights from public servants, volunteers and others, who have committed themselves to serving our state. Oregonians should be outraged that public servants are now endangered due to a seemingly political agenda at the cost of safety.”

And one GOP lawmaker has a few questions for the Governor.

House Republican leader Mike McLane said…the order was tantamount to limiting employees’ right to self-defense, and said he would ask Gov. Kate Brown where the authority for the new rules comes from.

While state employees are expected to perform their jobs without the ability to defend themselves, Gov. Brown hasn’t announced any plans to have her protective detail leave their firearms at home. In fact, here fear of gun owners has led to her increasing her personal cadre of armed guards.