GunMegeddon has come to pass and the Assembly and Senate Public Safety Committees each passed their fair share of anti-gun bills.

But there are still more threats to our rights beyond GunMegeddon.

Some of the early bills that were introduced by elitist politicians have moved on to the Appropriations Committee and have already been placed on the Suspense File due to fiscal concerns.

These bills include:

AB 1663, which bans the most common semi-automatic rifles including the M1 Carbine and the Mini 14,

AB 1664, which would force ALL owners of ALL semi-automatic firearms that employ a “Bullet Button” or some other magazine-locking device to register them as "assault weapons,"

AB 1673, which is the Assembly's version of the ridicilous "ghost gun" bill,

and AB 1674, which bans the sale of more than one rifle or shotgun at a time and limits the sale of all guns to one a month.

These bills have already had their initial hearing in the Appropriations Committee and it was determined that they all posed significant costs to the State of California. Because of this, they were moved to the Suspense File.

Keeping them on the Suspense File is their way of killing bills without actually having to vote "NO".

Act now and sign the petition demanding these bills stay on the Suspense File!