Pittsburgh's Tribune-Review reports:

There's a big difference between being unable to handle one's finances — a common plight for senior citizens — and posing genuine danger to oneself or others. Congress must ensure that the Obama administration makes that distinction as it seeks to restrict the gun rights of Social Security recipients whose benefit checks are handled by fiduciaries.

Indeed, firearms should be kept away from the truly mentally ill. But as The Washington Free Beacon reports, the administration would have Social Security join the Department of Veterans Affairs in reporting beneficiaries who have fiduciaries to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), preventing them from buying guns.

...The proposed Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act would require a court ruling that a veteran poses danger before the VA reports that person to NICS. Congress should extend the bill to Social Security recipients and pass it.

Otherwise, this gun-grabbing administration will violate the rights of Americans who pose no threat to anyone.

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