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Via the NY Post: 

Intuit has agreed to compensate an Arizona firearm training facility for cutting off its credit-card processing and refunding certain sales to their customers.

Gunsite Academy Chief Operating Officer Ken Campbell told The Post that, after friendly discussions Monday with Intuit executives along with Gunsite’s owner, Owen Mills, Intuit contacted Gunsite again on Tuesday and offered “fair compensation.”

“We spent untold man-hours recovering funds and hunting for a Second Amendment-friendly credit-card processor,” Campbell said. The offer of compensation, the amount of which was not disclosed, was made without any threat of litigation, Campbell added.

“They wanted us to educate them about the gun industries, and they said they were trying to comply with the requirements of their finance partner,” Campbell added.

“We have resolved the issue with them and made them whole,” said Rob Lanesey, Intuit’s chief communications officer. “That is all about the experience they went through.”

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