Yet another anti-gun bill out of New York... 


A group of Democrats in the state senate are backing a measure that would prohibit the sale of guns in New York State without child-proof features.

The bill, S.3444, would make it illegal to sell or transfer handguns one year after its passage unless the firearm was designed to where a five-year-old could not pull the trigger. Supporters think the move is needed to prevent accidental shootings.

“There is no reason that a young child five years old should be able to have access to a weapon that he or she could fire,” said the bill’s sponsor, Sen. José M. Serrano, at a press conference earlier this month. “So we need to make sure that all weapons sold in the state of New York are not fireable by children this young.”

Serrano’s legislation would require that all new handguns sold in the state be childproofed. Suggestions in the bill’s language on how to accomplish the mandate include adjusting the trigger pull to at least a 10-pound draw, changing the mechanism to where a child’s hands are too small to operate the handgun, or requiring a series of multiple motions to fire the pistol or revolver.

Those found guilty of violating the measure should it become law would face a Class A misdemeanor punishment, including up to a year in prison or three years probation and a fine of up to $1,000.

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