The Second Amendment is not just for those who are rich enough to buy off local officials... 

Via NY Daily News: 

A group of corrupt cops embroiled in the NYPD gun licensing scandal were plied with strippers, wined, dined and taken on lavish vacations to Mexico and the Bahamas in return for expediting gun permits for corrupt brokers, authorities said Tuesday.

A deep-pocketed broker even paid for a cop’s honeymoon to Hawaii as federal prosecutors added three more disgraced cops’ names to the growing list of bribe recipients. Two other license brokers were also identified.

In all, cops and prosecutors uncovered 440 suspicious licenses linked to the scheme — including 100 carry licenses that have been suspended, officials said.

“(The allegations) paint a devastating picture of pervasive corruption at the Licensing Division,” Acting Manhattan U.S. Attorney Joon Kim said.

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