Gun registration eventually leads to gun confiscation. That is the eventual goal of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York gun owners know it. 


The SAFE Act has been popular in urban areas, according to polling data. But some rural gun owners have resisted from the beginning. As the first big handgun registration deadline approached this winter, for people who got their guns prior to 2013, the pushback grew more intense.

Talk radio host Bill Robinson has lashed out at the state on "The Second Amendment Radio Show," which he hosts for a small station near Rochester. "The government shouldn't have master lists of us gun owners and the specific guns we have," Robinson said on a recent episode. "They don't need it!"

A lot of gun owners are angry. While they can agree that so-called "bad guys" shouldn't have access to weapons, some fear that New York is trying to turn them into those bad guys. It goes back to the penalties associated with this registration process. The SAFE Act says failure to register handguns is a felony offense— and gun permits are automatically revoked.

"You just can't do that to people that live in your state, that are lawful gun owners," Tom King said. "You can't make them, overnight, criminals."

King is most worried about those who had handguns before the 2013 law went into effect, but all handgun owners will have to check back in every five years.

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