The cat's out of the bag. 

Via Omaha Outdoors: 

Anti-gun forces are coalescing around a new movement which is finally honest about its goals – at least as far as a literal interpretation of its name is concerned.

The group – perhaps better referred to as a “movement” since it does not tell us who its leaders are –  is calling itself “NoRA” for No Rifle Association. Taken literally, we see that they want no more rifles, and presumably, no more handguns or shotguns, either. Their logo shows an AR15 being broken in half. While their website is short on concrete goals, it’s not hard to see what they want.

In a way, this is a refreshing change. For years, we have heard those advocating for “sensible gun control” claim they “don’t want to take anyone’s guns away.” In fact, they go so far as to ridicule anyone who brings up the threat of gun confiscation. How many times have you heard something like “No one is coming to take your guns!”

It’s pretty clear that in order for there to be no rifles or even no AR15s, someone would have to come for some guns.

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