Sure beats rocks and dinky bats... 


A municipal elected official in Hunterdon County is drawing criticism from the state's largest teachers union after asserting that only educators authorized to carry weapons should be allowed in N.J. schools.

Raritan Township Committee member Louis Carl Reiner argued that state lawmakers should approve legislation "making concealed carrying of a firearm mandatory as a condition of employment," in a five-paragraph letter posted by TAP Into Flemington/Raritan.

"Passing likeminded legislation at the federal level in concert with state would be the best and most effective way to end 'gun violence' in America," Reiner wrote in his letter, referencing the mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school.

No bill mandating gun carry permits for teachers exists in Trenton -- and, even if one did, it would have no chance of gaining approval from the Democratic-controlled Legislature and Gov. Phil Murphy, who last week signed six gun control measures into law.

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