Target-rich environments would be a thing of the past in Missouri. 

Via News-Press Now: 

A bill filtering through the Missouri House of Representatives could put guns in more establishments around the state.

House Bill 1963 was passed through a House Committee in February and would make many establishments considered gun-free zones the exact opposite.

Places like college campuses, hospitals and bars are among 11 areas currently classified gun-free zones that could see patrons packing if the owner of the property consents.

The bill was drafted by Rep. Jered Taylor (R-Nixa), who said in an interview with FOX 2 St. Louis that the measure could be a step in preventing future mass shootings.

“Any time we can give the ability to individuals that are doing it lawfully (carrying a gun), who want to protect themselves, let them make that decision in the heat of the moment,” Taylor said.

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