A right delayed is a right denied.

It is imperative that you write and call your representatives in Salem immediately and ask them to oppose SB 1065

SB 1065 would increase the amount of time a gun purchase can be delayed without cause -- and also place increased barriers on your ability to obtain a concealed handgun license.

Now that “sine die” (adjournment) is imminent, the rules have changed -- and they are not required to give us as much notice as they did earlier in the session before a hearing is held.

SB 1065 is currently in the Senate Rules Committee and now could be passed to the floor at a moments notice due to the rules change.

It is imperative that you act NOW to make your state representatives aware of public opposition to SB 1065. The anti-rights groups are overjoyed at the chance to chip away at our rights with yet another gun control measure.

We need your help immediately to stop SB 1065 and this outrageous infringement on our rights.