“Big Kid” coloring books have been all the rage for a couple of years now, but mainly feature geometric prints, fairies, or mystical imagery. Graphic designer and firearms illustrator Sara Westbrook wanted a coloring book featuring guns, and since it didn’t exist, she created it herself.

As the rumor says, coloring books are pretty therapeutic, but some of us are tired of coloring geometric shapes, or butterflies. In addition to their therapeutic ways, because of my passion for firearm safety and encouraging ladies to learn more about firearms, I’ve teamed up with the good people of MASF to help promote firearms safety and education through this coloring book.

Sara knew that people in the gun community would buy this book for their children too, so she took advantage of the opportunity to highlight firearm safety rules. In an interview with Forbes, she said: 

[The book includes] the four rules of firearm safety. The book is primarily to use as a conversation starter and aid in conversation by showing a wide variety of firearms. By doing this, it allows kids to subconsciously learn what different guns look like, even if they have only seen a pistol or a rifle. Firearm safety and education is near and dear to my heart, and knowing that the firearm community would likely be purchasing the coloring book for their children, I wanted to be sure to encourage those things in my book. But, ultimately, it's for fun. 

The book is already popular in her family:

My three nieces had a blast coloring guns with me this week, and the older two told me all about what they're supposed to do if they see an unattended firearm.

Sara also hopes the coloring book will be a conversation starter. With so many people in this country who have no idea what various types of firearms look like, an “anatomically correct” coloring book is a great conversation-starting product. Maybe a few can be sent to Bloomberg and the folks at Moms Demand, or to CA State Sen. Kevin de Leon, MA Attorney General Maura Healey, OR Gov. Kate Brown, or other anti-gunners? No need to send one to Leland Yee (our favorite #WearOrange anti-gun gun trafficker), though.