Mass. AG Maura Healey banned ARs and AKs in Massachusetts by executive fiat, but now she doesn’t even want to hear “tired arguments” from gun rights groups. And what exactly are these tired arguments? Just that the Second Amendment supersedes the edicts of a bureaucrat.

Via New Boston Post:

With a lawsuit looming, Attorney General Maura Healey took to the airwaves Thursday to answer questions about her office’s recent interpretation of state gun laws and dismissed what she described as “tired arguments” from pro-gun groups.

“They immediately go to ‘slippery slope’ and ‘you’re going to take away all our guns’ and ‘you’re going to repeal the Second Amendment,’” Healey said during her latest monthly appearance on Boston Public Radio’s “Ask the AG” segment, referencing claims from pro-gun groups that her office’s interpretation could set a dangerous precedent. “We’re going to be out there enforcing the law, making sure that these weapons, which are so lethal and wreak such havoc, aren’t going to be available for sale here in Massachusetts.”

Last month Healey’s office announced that there would be a crackdown on so-called “copycat” guns, or firearms she says mimic assault weapons that the state Legislature banned in 1998. The announcement resulted in a surge of sales at Massachusetts gun shops like Pullman Arms in Worcester, which remained open until midnight on the day of the announcement to accommodate the crush of sales.

Well, Maura, maybe Second Amendment advocates are sick of your tired rhetoric that these weapons are “so lethal and wreak such havoc.”

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