On March 27, one of FPC’s great legal team members, Adam Kraut, penned a letter to Mayor Casteel of New Braunfels, Texas regarding its order requiring the closure of “non-essential” businesses. That order, in not listing gun stores as “essential,” threatened the fundamental rights of the people of New Braunfels. The right of the people to keep and bear arms necessitates that the people can acquire arms, especially in uncertain times, such as now, when the need for arms is most acute. This point was made, in no uncertain terms, in the letter sent to Mayor Casteel, when Kraut wrote that “FPC is prepared to bring legal action against you and those acting in concert with you to enforce” a policy that would limit the ability of the people of New Braunfels to acquire, keep, and bear arms.

Later that day, the City supplemented their “stay home, work safe” order. First on the list of exempted businesses were “gun sales and repairs.”

FPC thanks its members and supporters for making our advocacy possible. We also thank the City of New Braunfels for seeing reason, and deciding not to further assault these fundamental rights of the people of New Braunfels in a time the people most need them. There remains much work to be done as a result of this crisis, but thanks to the generous support of our members and supporters, we will continue to fiercely guard the liberty interests of the People, no matter what.

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