Oh yes we did.

Via NBC News: 

When guns are in the news, business is good, Cody Wilson, the man behind Austin, Texas-based Defense Distributed, told NBC News in a recent interview. "Every time there’s a big national stink," he says, "we sell out."

Wilson has been getting attention because the U.S. State Department recently agreed to end its prohibition of his online publication of blueprints that allow anyone to make an untraceable firearm from scratch using a 3D printer.

A federal judge on Tuesday, however, granted a request for a temporary restraining order that prevents Wilson from publishing the plans for how to make the untraceable guns.

“In a major victory for common sense and public safety, a federal judge just granted our request for a nationwide temporary restraining order — blocking the Trump administration from allowing the distribution of materials to easily 3-D print guns," said New York Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood, who was part of a coalition of nine states suing over the firearms instructions.

But a coalition of gun rights groups created a website and posted similar gun blueprints later Tuesday night, seemingly in protest against the judge's ruling.

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