News this week has confirmed what we always suspected about the "March For Our Lives" and their supposed "organic" financing...

According to the organization's tax filings, the gun control group derived 95% of its total fundraising from just 36 donations in 2018.

What's more, they were almost entirely funded by donations over $100,000 - like a half-million contribution from George Clooney and his wife.

In other words, the March For Our Lives are a bunch of FRAUDS!

Just like the bought-and-paid-for protestors against "gun violence," their financing operation is a SHAM propped up wholly by celebrities and billionaires.

Which explains why March For Our Lives spent millions in 2018 paying marketing firms and shelling out huge amounts of cash for "production services."

It's what we've been saying all along; these frauds don't have the support of the American people. 

Indeed, they have only been successful because of their billionaire backers like Michael Bloomberg and support from their propaganda artists in the Fake News Media. 

Unfortunately, despite this bombshell revelation, March For Our Lives still raised almost $20 million in its first year. 

This is still a huge amount of money for such a fledgling group, and it means they can continue pushing for total disarmament whenever they like. 

Which means we have got to work extra hard to keep pace with their illicit fundraising if we are to defeat them.

FPC, unlike the March Frauds, derives the overwhelming majority of our funds from patriot contributions under $100.

However, we are an army of hundreds of thousands. So let's show it! 

It is imperative that we post strong fundraising numbers in response to stories like this.

The Fake News Media will spin this report with headlines like "March For Our Lives Raises Record $20 Million."

And we need to counter their lies and disinformation now. We need to project strength for the Second Amendment.

Can we count on you to make a patriot contribution to FPC right now?

This is so important.