We’re coming down to the wire.

AB 757 by Assemblymember Melissa Melendez, which will turn California into a “SHALL ISSUE” state for concealed carry permits, is up tomorrow morning.

That means this is our last chance to make an impact and PASS this crucial bill!

The bill clarifies the definition of “good cause” for a concealed carry license and changes the presumption that the license “may” be issued to it “shall” be issued, provided the applicant otherwise meets the requirements.

The members of this committee still need to HEAR FROM YOU.

Our existing licensing scheme is an archaic and elitist system which encourages cronyism, abuse, discrimination and the uneven recognition of civil rights throughout our great state.

No one has to ask the local politician if they can attend worship services or explain why they would feel the need to, and no one should have to explain to a politician why they want to defend themselves from violence and terror. 

Keep up the pressure - your efforts are making a difference!

And if you’ve already made your voice heard, please consider helping fund our lobbying program that works tirelessly to pass this and other pro-gun measures and kill freedom infringing bills.

We CANNOT do it without your support.