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Facts not feelings...

Via Liberty Nation: 

The latest Federal Bureau of Investigation report on ‘active shooters’ contradicts some of the most popular talking points disseminated by gun-control advocates...

The first and most common argument for increased gun control is that stricter gun laws lead to less gun violence. Of the 50 incidents in this report, 10 of them took place in states listed among the ten strictest states for gun laws, according to the Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence. Five active shooter events took place in California which the Law Center rates as the strictest state in the country for gun control. By contrast, only 5 active shooter incidents took place in states listed by the Law Center among the 10 with the least gun control.

Does this prove that more guns result in less gun violence? No, it does not; but it does prove that more – or stricter – gun laws are no guarantee of less gun violence...

The percentage of Americans licensed to carry a concealed weapon varies, depending on the source. There is no study or survey, however, that puts that number at more than around 8%. Yet almost 10% of the active shooter incidents mentioned in the report were brought to an end by armed civilians. Gun control advocates insist that armed civilians do not prevent active shooter incidents. Clearly, the numbers dispel that myth. It is also of interest that many anti-gun rights activists warn that armed civilians, should they become involved in an active shooter scenario, present a danger to innocent bystanders. In the report, not a single bystander was killed or injured by an armed civilian who confronted the active shooter.

The final myth dispelled by the FBI report regards the relative danger to public safety posed by certain weapons. For a while, in the United States, the Kalashnikov rifle – most commonly represented by the AK-47 variant – was used by gun control activists to scare the less well-informed. Today, it has been cast aside in favor of the AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle built by Armalite and not used by the military, despite gun-grabbers labeling it a “weapon of war.”

In the active shooter report, only 22 of the 50 shooters were in possession of a rifle. The report does not specify makes and models of weapons carried – nor does it specify which weapons the shooter actually fired. Shooters were armed with only rifles in just nine incidents; in 22 incidents the shooter used one or more handguns and, in two incidents, one or more shotguns; In the other cases, shooters were armed with a combination of weapons. Only one time in the report is the dubious term “assault rifle” used.

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