The "West Coast Wall" of Gun Control continues to be built. This time, Washington State is proposing a ban on standard capicity magazines and AR-15s...


Attorney General Bob Ferguson is proposing a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Ferguson, joined by a broad coalition of over 50 community leaders and elected officials, announced on Wednesday that he will submit agency request legislation in the 2017 session.

Ferguson’s proposed legislation has two key elements:

A ban on semiautomatic weapons with military-style features that render them more easily concealable or more deadly; and

A limit on magazine capacity — currently unlimited under Washington law — to a maximum of 10 rounds of ammunition.

The bill would ban weapons like the AR-15 used to kill three teens and wound another at a party in Mukilteo in July.

“The recent tragedy in Mukilteo drives home the need to act with urgency to end the availability of weapons designed with only one purpose — to kill people,” Ferguson said.

“I have a duty to protect the public, as well as uphold the constitution. My proposal will ban some of the deadliest weapons, while respecting the Second Amendment right to bear arms.”

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