The "new and improved" version will likely ban them all. 

Via KATU2: 

Supporters of an initiative to ban some semi-automatic rifles and pistols, along with high-capacity magazines, are stopping efforts to pass the measure this year but plan an effort to get it onto the ballot in 2020.

At a news conference Thursday, backers of the initiative conceded that a state Supreme Court ruling the day before had introduced a delay that would push Initiative Petition 43 past a key deadline, stopping it from qualifying for the 2018 ballot.

"We are now working on several potential measures for 2020," said Mark Knutson, a Portland pastor and one of three sponsors of the IP 43.

The initiative sought to ban semi-automatic rifles with certain features like pistol grips, semi-automatic pistols with rifle-like features, some semi-automatic shotguns, and magazines capable of holding 10 bullets or more.

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