Gun Control spreads... 

Via KARE 11: 

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida school massacre, lawmakers and law enforcement officials are rekindling a proposal that would restrict access to guns from individuals deemed dangerous to others or themselves by a civil court.

Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts put his name behind a bill already introduced in the Minnesota Legislature talking about gun violence protection orders...

...The Oregon Legislature adopted its law for extreme risk protection orders last year after the shooting deaths of nine people and injuries to eight at Umpqua Community College in October 2015.

Gov. Kate Brown testified in April 2017 that an expedited court hearing is the best way to ensure guns are kept out of the hands of people at risk of harming themselves or others, while still ensuring their rights.

Statements submitted for the Oregon debate revealed strongly held positions on both sides.

The Firearms Policy Coalition opposed the bill for threatening to confiscate a person’s legally obtained guns based on hearsay.

Gaither Everett of Medford opposed the bill as “another outrageous assault on liberty, private property and due process.”

Bob Frazier, a retired Oregon state policeman, opposed the legislation as “further invasion of my gun rights.”

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