The Kalamazoo, MI school board voted this week to make all public schools in its district a gun-free zone. Michigan law allows CCW holder to openly carry on campus, but an appeals court ruling allows school districts to enact their policies. 

Via MLive:

With the support of a packed room of activist groups, parents and students, the Kalamazoo Public Schools Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday to pass a policy prohibiting all weapons from school-affiliated property. The policy, which applies outside school hours, prohibits students, staff and visitors from carrying a gun regardless of a concealed weapons permit.

People who violate the policy will be referred to law enforcement officials, and either the superintendent or a designee may take other actions necessary to enforce the policy. Guns under the control of law enforcement are allowed.

Activism groups including Coalition for Common Ground, Progressive Kalamazoo and Moms Demand Action brought its members out in full force Thursday to support the board's decision. The board received nine letters in support of the weapon-free policy and elicited almost a dozen speakers during the meeting's public comment period.

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