While most of us gun rights advocates were worrying about how the California legislature was going to revamp their efforts to squeeze the last breath of liberty out of our right to keep and bear arms when they returned to work a few weeks ago, their attention was momentarily trained on another constitutionally protected right - freedom of speech.

If your speech is not California compliant, they're coming for you. They're starting with the low hanging rotten fruit, a crack down on "neo-Nazis" and "white supremacists" having rallies or events, but as we all know, they label anyone who doesn't speak their political language a "Nazi" and a "fascist", giving them the moral authority to deny everyone who isn't them their freedom of speech or protest. If they call you a Nazi, you're a Nazi and they'll treat you like a Nazi.

In the current political climate, if we want to hold a pro gun rally, it'll be called an "armed Nazi rally" which I'm sure will bring out tens of thousands of so-called "anti-fascists" to bash people over the head while screaming "NAZI SCUM".

This is the justification they'll use to limit political protest in the name of "public safety", even if the violence is coming from the counter protestors. Recently, Senator Dianne Feinstein demanded a permit be revoked for a rally in San Francisco for what she thinks the organizers want to say or do, believing their intention is to incite a riot. Everyone has the right to peaceful protest, even people who Feinstein believes are Nazis (whether they are or aren't), but a public official declaring a protest to be a violent riot beforehand in order to prevent them from speaking is... what's the word... tyranny.

As California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon pointed out, "I see the rising tide of hate and intolerance. I believe future generations will look back on this moment in time as a turning point because how we chose to respond will shape the character of this nation and this great state for years to come."

He's right, in the sense that it will be remembered as the time that California cracked down on anything they deem to be non-compliant thought.

If you were worried about the CA legislature restricting your right to keep and bear arms in the name of "public safety", just wait until you see what they'll try do to your other rights. They won't let this crisis go to waste.