How do you take someone's right to do something away if you can't just outright repeal an amendment in the Bill of Rights that you don't like?  By incrementally chipping away at it, with small, palatable infringements.  Especially helpful is 'not letting a tragedy go to waste', so they say.  Nationwide we're seeing the same attempts repeated systematically in multiple states.  And those attempts have even been made here in Idaho, where now more than ever we must remain vigilant.

Idaho has already seen attempts to pass "Extreme Risk Protection Order" legislation and we will see it again.  Failed Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has been working hard to barge into Idaho politics with his astroturf activist organizations like Everytown, Moms Demand Action, Students Demand Action, and more trying to put political pressure on local representatives.  The agenda is the same: more gun control, no matter how much, it's always more.

That's why it's important for us to know what Red Flag laws are and why they're a direct threat to Constitutional Liberty.  Our government should not be allowed to deprive us of ANY of our Civil Rights without Due Process of Law.  Unfortunately, not all of Idaho's elected representatives seem to agree with that but instead favor treating people like criminals before they're even charged with a crime. 

The well-known state organization Idaho Second Amendment Alliance (ID2AA) has been vigilant on this issue and one of the actions they have taken was to survey state legislators on whether they support or oppose Red Flag Laws in Idaho.  But only 20% of them responded with a commitment to oppose these infringements.  Some responded in support but most would not even take a position (more likely they didn't want to state their position). 

It's critical to take action today and remind your representatives that Constitutional Liberty is fundamentally important to us.   Remind your representative to return the survey to ID2AA and to review FPC's Policy Brief.

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