Governor Little Signed HB 516!

With all the State and local tyrants trying to make a name for themselves this week by striving to be listed as defendants in our storm of lawsuits, one Governor of Idaho, Brad Little, chose a different route.

It's been a busy week for us at FPC and we want you to know about a pro-freedom update from earlier this week.

Good news for Idahoans and Americans alike, on Wednesday, Idaho's governor signed the final update to the state's Constitutional Carry legislation, HB 516!

This law, going into effect July 01, 2020, removes the state residency requirement for non-Idaho residents inside city limits, thanks largely to the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance's work. 

Beginning in 2016, Idaho residents age 21 and up were able to carry statewide without a concealed carry license.  Despite all the chicken-little stories from Bloomberg's activists, this was recently changed to reduce the age down to 18 and up.  Now this final piece of legislation, again seeing the astroturf Moms Demand Action group in matching shirts, with stories to speak in opposition (some truly were terrible things that happened) which bore no relevance to what this law actually would do, Constitutional Carry is complete in Idaho. 

Now, for the last five years, we've been promised rivers of blood by the prohibitionists, with all the same doom and gloom.  But strangely, we have yet to see this happen.  Perhaps now that people can travel in willy-nilly from other states and carry concealed, loaded firearms within City Limits, maybe this will be the tipping point of crime that...we still haven't seen come to fruition in any of the other states with Constitutional Carry.