Have you ever watched a politician or talking head talk so nonsensically about guns that all you can do is shrug your shoulders and mutter, “I got nothin”?

It’s a daily occurrence here at FPC, and, in an attempt at education and combating ignorance, we’re going to “feature” these geniuses on our page.

Our inaugural honoree is Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, who demonstrated a glorious anti-gun non-sequitur during a webcast for Puff Daddy’s news website.

As governor, Weld helped the Bay State become a model anti-gun state, a reputation which it has upheld in the 20-plus years since.

Though he’s supposedly all-in for individual liberties, Weld exposed his true anti-gun colors at last month’s Democratic National Convention. He appeared on a webcast for REVOLT TV and sputtered out some nonsense about how “no fly, no buy” lists are a good thing and how rifles shoot “shells.”

Transcript via LibertyHangout:

“You know the five-shot rifle, that’s a standard military rifle. The problem is if you attach a clip to it so it can fire more shells, and if you remove the pin so that it becomes an automatic weapon. And those are independent criminal offenses. That’s when they become essentially a weapon of mass destruction. The problem with handguns is probably even worse than the problem of the AR-15.”

Yep, I got nothin’.

Bill Weld will again fade into irrelevance come Election Day, but it’s assuring to know at least the man stayed consistent with his ignorance in the Second Amendment.