He's back... Senator Kevin 'Ghost Gun' De Leon (You remember, the guy who said he wanted to get rid of guns that could shoot a "30 magazine clip in half a second") has introduced SB 1407.

SB 1407  requires a person who manufactures or assembles a firearm to first apply to the Department of Justice ( DOJ) for permission to build the firearm.

It also requires that anyone who owns a firearm that does not bear a serial number to apply to the DOJ for a retroactive one.

The bill would also prohibit the sale or transfer of ownership of a hobbyist built firearm.

Not only does he want everybody who builds a firearm registered in the State database; he now wants to serialize your firearms retroactively.

That means any long gun that was produced after 1968 and any handgun that was produced after 1899.

Yep, if you have a collectible heirloom or curio and relic handgun and live in California, you better hope this bill doesn't pass or you'll be looking at your priceless gun trying to find a place to engrave a California issued serial number.

But we've defeated this kind of knee-jerk insanity from De Leon before. And we can defeat it again -- if you stand with us and FIGHT BACK.