FPC's Phil Watson was at the hearing and blasted the anti-gunners! 

Via GunsAmerica:

The Washington State legislature is considering a bill that would require a concealed firearm carrier to seek permission before bringing a gun into another person’s house.

Both sides debated the bill on Tuesday in the Senate Law and Justice Committee, according to The Spokesman-Review.

The impetus for the new law, according to supporters, came from a Washington State resident named Suzanne Cofer. Cofer hosted a neighborhood gathering one evening and found a pistol on the stairs after everyone had left. Needless to say, she was not amused...

... Sen. Hunt’s statement is strange because existing trespass laws already require an individual to leave another person’s home if asked. As Tom Kwieciak, a National Rifle Association spokesman, said at the committee hearing, the bill under consideration is duplicative and unnecessary.

“A property owner can always ask people before they enter the home if they’re armed,” Kwieciak said.

The bill could also keep trade workers and police officers from being able to defend themselves and their equipment while on the job or off duty. A representative of the state’s sheriffs and police chiefs organization said an exemption should be added for law enforcement officers who often carry concealed weapons when off duty.

Ultimately, the bill denies law-abiding citizens the right to self-defense.

“You may not know who’s also at their house,” said Phil Watson of the Firearms Policy Coalition. “You may not know what kind of an environment you’re walking into.”

Watson also pointed out that concealed carry permit holders are “one of the safest segments of our society.” They’ve all passed background checks, and they commit crimes at a fraction of the average rate.

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