A terrible update from Texas... 

Via Guns.com:

With the legislative calendar growing short, supporters of permitless handgun carry proposals in the Lone Star State are less than optimistic their measures will become law this session.

Two Republican-proposed bills were tracking, state Rep. Jonathan Stickland’s HB 375 and Rep. James White’s HB 1911. Now, with deadlines for movement this session approaching and Stickland’s bill left in committee while HB 1911 is still awaiting scheduling for debate on the floor, time is not on the lawmakers’ side.

“I am sad to report that Constitutional Carry is all but dead,” Stickland said in a post to social media this week. “The only hope left would be a special session called by the Governor, which I do not expect.”

Stickland places the blame for the bills stagnation on several things, but called out GOP bosses in the chamber for not voting HB 375 out of committee and dragging their feet on moving HB 1911 to the floor.

“House Leadership under Speaker Joe Straus never wanted true pro-gun legislation passed, we all know it,” he said.

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