Support 2A - Sell guns. Pretty simple concept... 


Stock prices for Sportman’s Warehouse surged 12 percent this week despite the retailer’s recent report of decreased earnings...

Talbot told investors “firearms are leading the way” when it comes to Sportman’s Warehouse’s increased sales traffic as of late, but didn’t comment directly on whether the growing corporate backlash against gun sales were driving more customers through their doors.

Barker clarified there’s no plans to follow in the footsteps of other retailers — namely Dick’s Sporting Goods — by imposing restrictions on gun sales over and above federal law.

“As far as a Sportsman’s Warehouse changing their policies around regulated materials, we are continuing to monitor the situation and have ongoing conversations to make sure we understand what’s happening in the political arena and regulation,” he said Wednesday. “But we continue to support the lawful sale of firearms under the Second Amendment rights of our customer and at this point we have no intent or plan to change the way that we approach that.”

Barker also noted Sportsman’s Warehouse touts the “very best compliance record” of any retailer in the industry — which includes respecting state laws where applicable.

“If a customer from Florida goes to one of our stores in South Carolina, we will abide by the 21 age limit for residents of the state of Florida,” Talbot said. “Compliance with the laws and regulations whether that be state or federal or local jurisdictions is very important and critical to our company and so we watch what the law changes are and we make sure that we comply with the with the laws.”

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