Now Palm Springs is trying to regulate your guns inside your own home...


The Palm Springs City Council on Wednesday approved a measure that will mandate gun lock usage, the reporting of lost or stolen firearms and ban leaving guns in unattended vehicles.

The ordinance was proposed in the 45,000 population desert resort in California’s Coachella Valley by Councilmember Geoff Kors, who backed a petition that drew 213 signatures in support of the move. It passed the council in a 3-2 vote despite repeated protests by area gun owners.

“It’s mostly to prevent accidental shootings and to prevent lost or stolen guns being used in a crime. Those are things we can do within the restrictions of the Second Amendment and that can make a difference,” said Kors, as reported by KMIR.

The four-page ordinance requires any gun lost or stolen to be reported to police within 48 hours after the loss is known. Next, firearms in residences — including motels and rentals — would have to be secured with a trigger lock or otherwise in a locked container when not in immediate possession of the owner. Finally, concealed weapons licensees in the city could not leave a “concealable firearm” in an unattended vehicle unless it was in a locked container or trunk. Violations of any of the new laws would result in a $1,000 fine.

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