The anti-gunners are getting bold...


Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said Tuesday he will veto a preemption bill aimed at firearm regulations should it get to his desk.

The Senate Local Government Committee advanced Senate Bill 5, a rebooted proposal invalidated by the Supreme Court last year, on a vote of 8-3, sending the measure to the full chamber for consideration.

During the committee’s meeting Tuesday, Minority Committee Chairman Sen. John Blake, D-Lackawana, delivered the veto news on behalf of the administration as he urged a no-vote on the legislation.

“Quite simply because I think this bill is doing something unprecedented in allowing a membership organization to sue a local government and allow injunctive relief,” he said. “When I consider the things our local governments are facing, I don’t know why we are considering this.”

The bill would prevent the state’s 2,500-plus municipalities from enacting gun ordinances stricter than state law. A similar measure was introduced in the House earlier this month.

“Municipalities must realize these local ordinances and regulations are in direct contravention with existing state law and severely impact the rights of law-abiding citizens of this commonwealth,” said bill sponsor Sen. Wayne Langerholc, Jr., R-Clearfield. “Senate Bill 5 is about uniformity across the state and ensuring the laws enacted by the General Assembly are taken seriously and followed.”

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