A pro-2A victory in North Dakota!

Via Guns.com: 

Lawmakers in the North Dakota Senate on Tuesday gave a big thumbs up to a measure to allow permitless concealed carry in the state, sending the proposal to Gov. Doug Burgum.

House Bill 1169 would codify the right of law-abiding North Dakota residents to carry a concealed handgun without first obtaining a permit. It passed the House last month in an 83-9 landslide and the Senate this week 34-13.

“This is a huge victory for liberty here in North Dakota,” said the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Rick Becker, R-Bismarck. “The legislature has reaffirmed the true intent of the Second Amendment.”

Becker’s proposal would leave the state’s current concealed carry permit scheme in place but allow that any resident with a state-issued ID for at least a year and is not prohibited from possessing a firearm could carry a handgun without having such a permit. It would also add a duty to inform police of their firearm during encounters such as traffic stops.

North Dakota is a “shall-issue” state with permits granted through the attorney general’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation. As of the end of 2016, there were 48,700 active permits on file in two different classes. Permits typically cost $60 plus testing fees and take up to 60 days to issue. Open carry is not legal in the state without a permit.

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