CA gun control schemes continue to spread...


A Democratic-sponsored Senate measure would create a taxpayer-funded think tank at Rutgers University to research the causes, prevention, and reduction of gun-related violence.

The proposal, S.2380, to address what its sponsors feel is a crucial shortfall in sophisticated research on the topic, is set to be heard in the Senate Higher Education Committee on Thursday.

“Too little is known about firearm violence and prevention, and not enough research has been done,” notes the bill, sponsored by state Sen. Fred Madden, D-Camden/Gloucester.

The measure’s language cites that there are 300-400 homicides per year in the Garden State and guns are used in two out of three of those as well as in a sizable portion of suicides. Backers argue funding for gun violence research through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has, since 1996, been “virtually eliminated” leading to a “gap that must be filled by other sources.”

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