Another anti-gun bill based on lies and ignorance. THE TRUTH: The CDC is IN NO WAY prohibited from studying gun violence. They are only prohibited from ADVOCATING FOR GUN CONTROL


The bill, S 63, would go so far as look at “firearms violence as a form of terrorism” as researchers delve into the subject on both individual and societal levels. The sponsor of the bill, which passed the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee 4-1 this week, says it is needed to take the place of federal research.

“For too long, the CDC [Centers for Disease Control] has been banned from researching gun violence as a public health issue,” said state Sen. Troy Singleton, D-Burlington, in a statement “Yet, 89 people die every day across our nation due to firearms. If this isn’t a public health issue – or even a public health emergency – then I don’t know what is. If the federal government won’t allow this research to occur, then we will take the matter into our own hands.”


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