Weapons of war, huh? 

Via Guns.com: 

In the immediate aftermath of a shooting in an Antioch, Tennessee breakfast restaurant and with a partially naked suspect still at large, Nashville’s acting mayor was quick to call for increased gun laws.

The Waffle House shooting occurred in the Nashville suburbs in the predawn hours Sunday, leaving four dead and four injured, with the alleged killer, Travis Reinking, leaving a Bushmaster XM-15 rifle at the scene. This left David Briley, a Democrat who assumed the post of Nashville’s acting mayor last month, reeling.

“The victims of this shooting deserve our prayers and for us to rally around them, but they also deserve leaders who will do something to keep weapons of war off our streets,” Briley said on social media. “Let’s be honest about what happened. The citizens of Nashville were terrorized last night by a man with an AR15. That is the purpose of these weapons.”

U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper, a Democrat representing the Nashville area in Congress, also said the country needs change and “that starts with restricting widespread civilian access to military-grade assault weapons.”

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