In the aftermath of Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy’s gun ban edict, there has been a sudden surge in gun sales all across the Bay State.


With roughly eight hours notice on Wednesday, Healy announced that she was immediately banning the sale of “copycat” rifles in the state that she felt violated the spirit of the 1998 Massachusetts assault weapon ban. Her method of reasoning focused on gun actions that are the heart of a weapon platform rather than cosmetic features such as stocks and grips.

The problem is that Healy inadvertently boosted sales of the very rifles she intended to prohibit as a rush on gun stores occurred, in some cases with customers queuing in lines that stretched out the door. In some cases, stores remained open late into the night, only closing when they ran out of inventory.

According to information from the Mass Firearms Records Bureau, some 2,549 rifles were sold Wednesday, compared to just 132 on Tuesday and 51 on Monday.

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