Pro-2A news coming from Maine!


Republican Gov. Paul LePage on Monday gave his signature to a bill that prohibits the keeping of a list or registry of privately-owned firearms or gun owners.

The measure signed this week without comment, LD 9, passed the Maine House 122-24 and the Senate 35-0 earlier this month.

“In the United States a hallmark of how we exercise our rights is that it can be done anonymously,” said Rep. Patrick Corey, R-Windam, the measure’s sponsor. “This is especially true for people who may hold unpopular opinions and beliefs, and let’s face it, gun ownership is unpopular with some people. This is as true for the Second Amendment as the First and for good reason.”

Windam’s measure, now public law, bans any state agency or local government from maintaining a registry of privately owned guns or list of those who own them. Only Hawaii and Washington D.C. currently have mandatory registries of all resident law-abiding gun owners.

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