After the horrific terrorist attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando this June, a gun maker in Connecticut has partnered with tactical training companies and the LGBT gun rights organization Pink Pistols to provide firearms training to the LGBT community.


Standard Manufacturing Company, a small outfit known for producing rifles and tactical shotguns, has teamed with the gay gun rights group Pink Pistols and two tactical training companies — Empowered Firearms & Training and Global Dynasty Corps — to teach members of the LGBT community in self-defense. Standard will be paying instructors to lead classes.

“The LGBT Community has the second largest percentage of hate crime violence due to their sexual orientation, and thus it is imperative that what happened in Orlando is never repeated,” said Louis M. Frutuoso, Standard’s owner.

“I urge the entire American firearms industry to unite with the Pink Pistols organization and help support our fellow Americans no matter what their sexual orientation is,” he added.

In press materials, the company said the goal is to “encourage a professional, safe, and comfortable learning environment in the field of firearms and self-protection.”

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