Pro 2A news out of Nevada!

Chris Eger for reports:

With the stroke of a pen this week, Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) made law a measure to reform concealed carry rights and expand castle doctrine in the state.

….The measure, SB 175, now law, expands the protections of Nevada’s castle doctrine defense to justifiable homicide to include occupied vehicles while adding protections against civil lawsuits.

Next, the law will allow the expansion of Nevada’s reciprocity agreements from the current 16 states to as many as 26.

Gone will be Clark County’s 1948-vintage handgun registration requirement. With these permits popularly known as blue cards due to their color, current law mandates all handguns with a barrel less than 12 inches be registered within 72 hours of being purchased by an area resident. Opponents argued the scheme came from a time that pre-dated current background checks and has been made obsolete in a modern Nevada. The county will have a year to destroy the estimated one million now-historical registrations held on file.

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